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Hydraulic Pressure Washer

Portable Hydraulic Washer

Hydraulic Pressure washer WPC-15: Hydraulic high pressure washer is a great machine in road washing, high pipe washing and so on. With big pressure, it can scratch the asphalt. The oil range and pressure is adjustable. With D shape handle, long nozzle......
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Hydraulic High Pressure washer WPC-18

This is a very light and small oil powered hydraulic pressure washer that allows easy and practical transport.

Hydraulic pressure washing equipment is ideal for farm and agriculture industries, allowing you to clean things by using the existing hydraulic power system. Simply hook up to a tractor or other type of farm machinery that has hydraulic power and you will be able to clean in remote areas without the need for electricity or gasoline. With a very compact design, the hydraulic driven pressure washers are able to be mounted in very tight spaces.


Main Features:

1. Low noise: Quiet and smooth operation using any existing hydraulic power source. The motor operating noise is quite. 

2. Compact and Lightweight:  can be put into a small space in any vehicles.








Oil Flow Range(lpm)


operating pressure(bar)


Output Flow (lpm)Hydraulic oil

Max 25

Output Pressure (water)



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