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Hydraulic Earth Auger

Hydraulic earth augers are widely used for fencing, landscaping, pole barns, soil sampling, anchoring foundation pier holes and boring....
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Hydraulic Earth Borer

This Hydraulic Earth Auger provides a fast and efficient way of digging clean, precise holes for the erection of fence posts and planting of trees. 

This heavy-duty hydraulic auger is designed to be particularly user friendly – two men operated tool has no torque reaction,  the relief valve cuts out if it hits an immovable object, so it won't throw you around.

This highly convenient and practical auger can be easily storaged and allow for easy transportation in the back of a van along with your other tools and equipment. 

The convenience of a hydraulic powered auger means that there are no belts, chains or gearboxes to break. The auger can reverse to screw out of clay, roots etc. 

Technical Data


Model:                            WPE-100

Weight:                           21kg

Size:                                1100x600x1420 mm

Hydraulic Flow:               26~34lpm

Pressure:                         105~139bar

Max. Pressure:                 172bar

Max. Drilling Diameter: 46cm

Max. Drilling Depth:      107cm

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