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Common faults in the leg hydraulic system

Aug 22, 2018

(1) Oil leakage. The reason is that the joint is loose, the part should be found, tightened; the seal is damaged, it should be replaced; the pipeline has crack, it should be replaced or repaired.

(2) The leg is not retracted. The two-way hydraulic lock fails, the plunger inside the lock is stuck, and must be removed, washed, installed and adjusted; the plunger is worn seriously, and the new hydraulic lock should be replaced.

(3) The legs are automatically retracted when hoisting. There are two reasons: First, the one-way valve in the two-way hydraulic lock has poor sealing performance. It should be removed for inspection and repair, and installed and adjusted after cleaning. Second, the internal leakage of the hydraulic cylinder must be removed to check the seal on the piston and replace the new seal. Reinstall after the piece.