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How is the pressure of the high pressure cleaner determined?

Aug 22, 2018

When using a high-pressure cleaner to perform cleaning work, we must not mistakenly believe that the pressure of the high-pressure cleaner is adjusted higher, and the result of the high-pressure cleaning pump is better.

Generally speaking, the higher the pressure used, the requirement for the performance of the component and the sealing of the device will probably require corresponding improvement. Therefore, this phenomenon may lead to an increase in cost. It can be seen that the high-pressure water jet cleaning When, it is not the best to adjust the pressure.

In addition, when the pressure is too high, when the jet is sprayed onto the surface of the cleaning object, it will cause an unfavorable phenomenon to the cleaning work. In this way, the water pressure and the use can be offset, and the water can be atomized, resulting in the cleaning power not only decreasing. In addition, the cleaning effect is no longer ideal.