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Hydraulic breaker storage precautions

Aug 22, 2018

- The breaker should be stored in a place where the temperature difference does not change much.

- Steel brazing should be removed and internal nitrogen (N2) should be removed

- the end of the piston should be coated with butter, and the steel and bushings should be coated with rust inhibitors,

- When lubrication is not possible, the steel must be shrunk to allow the piston to enter the cylinder.

- Connect the joint of the excavator/loader and the main parts and seal the joint cap to prevent dust from entering the oil pipe.

- The breaker should be placed vertically. If it is not possible, the breaker should be placed on the flat floor where the wood strip is placed.

- If the breaker is resting on the wooden strip for more than 6 months, check the corrosion status of all seals and bolts in the cylinder before operation.