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Introduction to hydraulic system of mining concrete pump

Aug 22, 2018

1. The mining concrete pump retains the functions of automatic high and low pressure pumping, positive and negative pump switching, hydraulic reversing and retracting piston.

2. Mine concrete pump pendulum cylinder pressure oil is supplied from the main oil pump.

3. Accumulator pressure oil is only available for control oil circuit use.

4. The mining concrete pump reduces one gear oil pump.

5. The four-way valve of the swing cylinder is separately returned to the oil to reduce the impact of the oil return shock of the swing cylinder on the system.

6. The main four-way control solenoid valve is separately returned to the oil.

7. The mine concrete pump uses a drain valve block and does not use an AB check valve.

8. Strive to increase reliability, simplify the system, and reduce hydraulic shock.