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Main structure of hydraulic breaker

Aug 22, 2018

The hydraulic crusher comprises a hydraulic breaker, a working device, a hydraulic device, an electric device and an operating device, and is characterized in that: a frame, a swinging device and a turning cylinder are further included; the frame comprises a mounting bottom plate and front and rear mounting seats connected thereto; The swinging device comprises a rotary shaft matched with the front and rear end mounts, a sleeve matched with the rotary shaft, a side plate fixed in the axial position of the sleeve, an intermediate plate connecting the side plates, and front and rear ends respectively connected to the front and rear ends of the intermediate plate The legs and the turning cylinder are respectively hinged to the swinging device and the frame through the upper ear seat on the side of the swinging device and the lower ear seat on the frame, and the all-round hydraulic crusher can crush the mineral material in a special position and can be removed The blockage of the feeder makes it work properly.