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Method for treating road surface damage by pavement breaker

Aug 22, 2018

The road surface crusher uses the hammer head to fall to the ground to reduce the structural structure of the ground plate, and the deformation and displacement of the ground plate block can better break the road surface. When the pavement crusher is crushed, the heavy hammer falls on the uneven distribution of the plate surface. The upper part of the pavement breaker absorbs more impact energy, and the particle size is small and loose. It is called loose layer because of its particle size. Small, at the same time, the crack is open after being broken, and it is easy to be affected by rainfall. If it is not treated, the asphalt layer is directly added, and a sliding surface may be generated.

Treatment method: When crushing the pavement fracture layer, the Z-type roller should be used to crush the loose layer for 1-2 times, which can better form a strong embedding with the lower layer of the road surface. Next, we have a certain combination of loose particles on the surface, so I recommend using emulsified asphalt permeable oil, but we should control it at 2.5~3kg/m2. Spread the amount of stone chips to the surface of the emulsified asphalt permeable layer and cover the oil layer. Then, using a rubber roller compactor to improve the integrity and water resistance, it is beneficial to absorb the uneven settlement of the underlying fracture layer and the adaptive adjustment deformation, and play the role of the stress absorption layer, which has an auxiliary effect on eliminating the reflection crack.

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