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How To Calibrate The Hydraulic Wrench

Aug 22, 2018

Put the hydraulic torque wrench and torque sensor on the torque verification workbench. Connect the connecting shaft and the conversion joint between the three. During the connection process, be sure to keep the worktable firmly and make the torque sensor and the hydraulic torque wrench torque. The axis remains horizontal and is strictly required to be coaxial. After adjusting the mutual position, the hydraulic torque wrench support arm end is fixedly fixed to the work surface, ensuring that the two positions do not move in the process of applying force to the hydraulic torque wrench.

According to the rated torque value of the hydraulic torque wrench, the range of the scale torque sensor can be accurately selected. Before installation, the zero position of the pressure gauge of the scale device and the hydraulic torque wrench should be adjusted separately. The hydraulic torque wrench is accurately mounted on the scale device, and then smoothly applied to the rated torque value step by step according to the selected verification point, and the torque value at each point is read and recorded. This procedure is performed at least three times. After each application to the rated torque value, remove the load, check the scale device and hydraulic torque wrench indicator return to zero, and re-adjust the zero position.