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Hydraulic System Flushing Precautions

Aug 22, 2018

(1) The fuel tank should be closed to reduce the chance of particles in the air entering the tank;

(2) When adding flushing oil to the phase tank, a fueling cart with a filter should be used to filter out the pollutants in the barreled oil;

(3) Pause the flushing pump when replacing the filter element, taking care not to bring in impurities;

(4) Venting and draining should be carried out regularly to ensure that the system is full and that gases and contaminants are released in a timely manner.

(5) In the early stage of rinsing, it is important that the water evaporates in the oil. There should be a window on the flushing tank that the steam escapes.

(6) After flushing, please pay attention to the protection before pumping out the flushing oil and pipeline to prevent pollutants from entering the hydraulic system.