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Hydraulic Wrench Material Selection

Aug 22, 2018

The selection of hydraulic wrenches requires high-strength materials for the selection of materials at home and abroad. It is also necessary to adopt heat treatment and surface treatment. The strength of the unit parts is above 1000 MPa and is not disordered, and the average of the material strength is also extremely high (mainly because The influence of the irregularities of the internal parts of the hydraulic square drive wrench).

Bolts generally come in several sizes, such as M36, M42, M48. If you don't say how big the nut is, it is on the opposite side of the metric bolt and nut pair. The M36 is 55 on the opposite side of the nut, M42 is 65, and M48 is 75. If the span of the bolt is too large and the torque span is large, it is necessary to use two types of wrenches to pre-tighten these bolts.